Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women
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Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women

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Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women, second edition, incorporates subtle but important changes reflected in the new research that has emerged in the field of trauma and recovery, and integrates this research with the voices of survivors, original art, and a theology of healing and forgiveness. This transformational workbook is an interactive tool to be used as a companion resource to the book, Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse, and is being utilized effectively in individual healing, one-on-one counseling, and in small group settings. It provides a path to recovery and wholeness for those isolated by the effects of abuse and neglect, promoting healing within safe and nurturing relationships. Expressive art, contemplative meditations on Christ, and interactive exercises deepen one’s intimate connection with God and others, promoting both individual healing and guiding advocates in the compassionate and holistic care of others. Men and women alike will find their own redemptive story to tell—informing their ministry to others.

This workbook can be used effectively alongside the original workbook for men and women released in 2012. We have kept pagination, exercises, and the model intact but have updated the language and definitions to be consistent with the new, unfolding research that continues to inform the work of recovery. 

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This 2nd Edition (2015) is compatible with Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women - 1st Edition (2012), but is not compatible with prior workbook editions (those with a brown cover) in a small group setting.


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